picture of me

Hello and welcome to my website!

My name’s Maura, and I’m an artist with a love for nature, landscape, and animal art and photography. I’ve been drawing since I was young, and have been making a living doing various graphic design and computer based artwork for different companies. While I do love creating digital art, lately I have been trying to focus more on traditional mediums: watercolors, oils, pen & ink, and a good ol’ trusty pencil and paper.

Why the name Sylvan Mist? Well I’ve also always had a love for fantasy artwork and themes and wanted to create a brand name that would go along with that. Sylvan fit the nature lover side of me quite well, and adding a touch of magical “mist” to the name sounded good.

I hope you like the art and designs I’ve created here. If you’re interested, I’m also now available for commisions of pet portraits, and you can follow me to see my latest art on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, or sign up to my email list below.

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I also have a photography and landscape art website, Camera & a Canvas, where I also post some travel guides to National Parks I’ve been, plus art & photography tutorials!