Parakeet Colors

Parakeet colors range from greens and yellows, to blues and whites, and tons of variations in between. They’re also known as budgerigars, or budgies and are the picture of cheerfulness, just chatting away at each other, or sometimes inanimate objects….Whatever the case, they always seem happy and watching them brightens up my day.

All these pieces I made are my own, original, hand drawn artwork and designs!

Green Parakeet

green budgie or parakeet, bird art and design by Sylvan Mist Art.

Green Parakeets are the most popular coloring, and what you’ll see in the wild out in Australia where they originate. Their yellow and black spotted/stripped wings and head actually help them blend in with the grasses in the fields where their forge for food.

My first pet was a green parakeet, and one of my earliest bird art designs was one too; inspired after my little bird, Polly 🙂

Blue Budgie

blue parakeet, budgie art design by Sylvan Mist Art.

Blue Parakeets are a color mutation from captivity, and are commonly found in pet stores. Some of the blues are light or vibrant cyan, while others go almost towards violet.

Colorful Parakeet Variations

Other color variations can be albino white, lutino which is all yellow, and all color combinations in between. Some like the design I made above, Pastel Green Parakeet are beautiful pastel shades!

English Budgies

English Budgie parakeet design by Sylvan Mist Art

English Budgies are another mutation that was bred in captivity over in England. They’re quite a bit larger than other parakeets, and have a more calmer personality.

Budgie Art

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